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Happy Birthday Maru!

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Aw Shucks Gentlemen...


THANK YOU  ALL for  MY birthday  wishes. 



You guys are the Best.   :bow:

So  I am gallivanting abroad.. I have been in Fiji visiting MY family  who have lived on Fiji islands for many generations. 


I have been here since August having travelled to Singapore first.

I have been obeying international  and local Mask rules and social distancing  with strangers .


I have been climbing mountains,  hiking in the forests   walking through mangroves, and other many variety of things.


I have travelled  along the coastal roads  360 degrees, visited villages  gardens,  Temples,  seen exotic  fruits--- ate them, ate lovely fresh vegetables,  and fresh fish, (some  that are not known to westerners!)   ate super duper  food, drank fruit juices and felt exhausted  at times. 


  I took a ecotrax ride along the old sugar cane train  and that has taken ME to the beaches where the guides have laid on magnificent  food  and fruit to enjoy.  :hmmm:

Gone  fishing. caught  fish. cooked fish and ate them  around camp fire with the family. 

Today *yesterday by now as Fiji is 11 hours ahead* on MY birthday WE dined out as a family  at a restaurant *booked way in advance* and enjoyed Indian  and Thai food which was exquisite. The Ocean was our view.


I still have to travel to Mauritius  but MY  Great Uncle  and Great Aunt are also travelling there.... as you are all aware that a Japanese  ship, freightliner or whatever you call it  spilled its oil in July this year so one side of the Mauritius  coast is heavily coated with thick black  Oil spreading ....



Then still have  to travel to Reunion *more  family there too* and be adventurous there too.  :punk:

 then pick up Aunt and Uncle  and return to Fiji and then onto Singapore and back home.  :wicked:


So all-in all  thats where I am and what I am seeing.

Fiji has seen the impact of global warming and climate changes as the rivers and ocean's  rising  levels, drive the village  people who lived on the shores further up the hill into modern style homes,  where once they lived in their traditional  Fijian  "BURE" *pronounced  BURREY* ..



Daywalker/Frank   Dr.Karl  Dennis and Viv(hope you are both well.),Kevin, Bryan, Radu   Mike C(hey Mike hope you are keeping safe and sound),Max and last  but not least Jan..

Hope you are all doing great and that this virus has not dampened  your spirits.Or your plastic  MoJo .




possibly see you all or some of  you at least in Las Vegas...  :wicked:





I appreciate  your best wishes and thank you all once again..

That is one reason I appear to be offline on LSP...


Thank you.




MARU  5137.



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