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Another Avenger soon to return to the air

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The Grumman Avenger AS3 owned by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario performed engine tests and taxi runs on Saturday, September 12, after a long restoration. Everything went smoothly and they will be performing other checks while waiting for certification to fly.  She looks beautiful in Royal Canadian Navy colours, and they had the proper canopy fabricated.


Photos by Museum photographer Derek Mickeloff. 











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9 minutes ago, GrahamF said:

Anyone know what happened to the flyer we had in the UK? Last time I saw it was at West Malling about 1991 I think. In RAF markings.




Im thinking it was probably TBM-3 BuNo 91110.

Operated as a fire service bird in the early 70s, then transported to the UK and repainted in RAF colors 88 - 92:





Seen here at the 1988 RAF Mildenhall




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