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bbCode: Don't Use It!


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Howdy folks,


With the recent upgrade to the forum software now bedded down, one major change that it introduces is worthy of its own announcement and discussion: bbCode is no longer supported.


Let me repeat that:


bbCode is no longer supported


Some of you are probably thinking, what the hell is bbCode, and why should I care?


That's a fair question, but most of you will recognise bbCode as the stuff inside the square brackets that occasionally surrounds text for formatting and other purposes. You're not meant to see it, as it's designed to be interpreted by the forum software, and the relevant formatting applied to the enclosed text. So if it's working properly, you shouldn't see it at all. But the problem is, it often doesn't work properly, and you see the bbCode in all its square-bracket glory instead. Here are some examples:


[URL][/URL], [IMG][/IMG], [b][/b], [i][/i], etc.


Because it's old, flaky, and not very efficient, many systems are kicking it to the kerb - including our own.


Here's the important bit:


Where this matters for our purposes is in pasting image links from our various image hosting providers, as many of them provide these links in bbCode format (among others). Many of you are used to copying exactly that version of those links and pasting them into your posts. This will no longer work, and will instead result in only the string of bbCode-enclosed text showing in your post, like so:




Not exactly pretty, and not at all what we want, either! Where's our image?


From now on, all you need to paste into your posts is the direct image URL. In the bbCode string above, that's the bit in the middle that starts with 'https' and ends with '.jpg'. Everything is superfluous and non-functional bbCode. This is all we want:




Which, when pasted directly, gives us this:




(With apologies to Marcel for borrowing his image for this example.)


Pretty much all the dedicated image hosting services that I'm aware of give you access to the direct URL, so it should be reasonably easy to find and copy. But whatever you do, don't simply load the image up in your browser, and copy the link from the address bar. This address will almost always be for the web page displaying the image, and not the image itself.


Apologies for the long-winded post, but I figured a comprehensive explanation was in order here. If you have any questions, fire away!




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On 9/14/2020 at 9:34 PM, Mistral said:

Hi Kevin. I save my images to Flickr but does not work on the basis of what you suggest above. Any ideas on issues with Flickr ?




Looks like the first option for sharing the picture in Flickr ( with f, t, bird, t pictograms) works.
It gives you something like this:  



And it looks like this when pasted here:









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1 hour ago, Mistral said:

Hi Kevin. I save my images to Flickr but does not work on the basis of what you suggest above. Any ideas on issues with Flickr ?




I replied to your post WiP thread with some detail, Malcolm, but I think Juraj's solution is even better!



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