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F-86 Sabre in Korea (SAAF)


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Thanks Nick and Rainer,


I also couldn't wait to see what lay under the masks. I'm happy to report that Nick cuts great vinyl - no paint bleed under his masks. We'll see that in a moment, but first a little bit about the decals. I used the 2 Squadron badges from the AIMS Decals 'Korean War Mustangs' set, since they are the only ones I know about in 1:32 scale. This is how they look straight off the sheet - not bad, but could be improved a bit.




Here is the real McCoy. Notice the number 2 is in black, and the feathers in the wing are actually pale blue.




I took the finest brush I could, and painted the 2 black, and the feathers in blue. The writing in the scroll should read SURSUM PRORSUSQUE, But my hand just isn't steady enough...:wacko: The carrier film is just one of those things I'll have to live with - decals on a metal finish are seldom perfect.




The overall effect of the decals is convincing though, and a Korea Sabre wouldn't look the part without all the stencilling! Look at how neat Nick's reverse masked M looks.




A large M goes on the underside, and here it was quite feasible to use the mask more conventionally. In case you're wondering, that is a very old 1:48th Hasegawa Sabre in the background.




I couldn't help smiling at the original kits decals. Just goes to show how far the hobby has come since the 1970's!




On the verge of assembling all the loose painted parts now.


Till then, Cheers!



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On 12/6/2021 at 4:27 PM, John1 said:

Wow, that touch up work on the squadron logo is fantastic.   What did you use for paint?  Acrylic or "one shot only" enamel?    Very nice work Sean. 

 Thanks John. I had to google 'One Shot Only' enamel - it looks like a useful product for detail work on models, and surely sign-writers know what paint to use!


In my case, it was just plain old Tamiya enamel from the little glass bottles. I did paint it in one shot however. :lol:

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Work continues apace as I sense a pre-Christmas end to this project. Unless one box goes in the trash, it feels wrong to ask Santa for another!


Even though I suspect the bands etc were actually painted in gloss paints, I decided to spray a matt coat over them to seal the decals, and increase the contrast with the 'metal'.




Then it was finally time to dip into the pre-prepared loose bits.




I thought I'd start with an easy piece; the pitot tube. Foolishly, I forgot to drill a hole and dry fit before painting the wing. Then I did that famous move, and drilled a hole in the wrong wing. The pitot is on the right.




After drilling the correct wing, I discovered that the Quickboost pitot is too thick (specifically for the Hasegawa kit). Out came my collection of hypodermic needles, and I fashioned my own. Note that it is the bent version in this case, since there are slats.




Adding 'glass' is often a trying exercise. Inevitably it ends up in some touching up...:wacko:




Now finally, to get the lady onto her legs. When one has fiddled with the gear legs, expect some fiddly adjustments! This axle was slightly canted to the vertical, and as I squeezed it to rectify the leans, it did what it always does - break off. Sigh.




Before sticking the real break-it-off-by-accident stuff on, I did a bit of paint chipping (brushed on Tamiya AS-12), and a panel wash.






I had fun adding some gloss detail inside the airbrake bay.




Luckily the nose wheel went in without any issues. I think it was worthwhile adding all the extra detail.




Nearly there. 






(Thanks Iain and Gerhard for commenting while I was typing up this report. Gerhard, you are in for an interesting time. Luckily it is such a beautiful aircraft that one forgets the challenges eventually!)




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On 12/15/2021 at 2:09 PM, John1 said:

Those gear and airbrake bays look amazing.   I think the use of those placards really takes them to the next level.   Are you using Airscale placards or something else?




Thanks John, yes indeed - well spotted: Airscale placards cut to size.


Thanks Kev, Craig and Zac! Mike, the box has just gone into the trash so watch the Tamiya website closely... :lol:. Glad you're enjoying it Iain!


The final touches are done, and the aircraft is assembled, barring a few little details. I am however off on holiday, so I'll just share some of the notable features before I go. Glamour shots will happen in due course...




The 1000 pounders got some Micro Flat, oil paint and bird droppings. The fuse wire, although frustrating to install, does a lot to enhance the look.




The 120 gal combat tanks were often fresh from the factory and highly polished. I sprayed Alclad 'polished aluminium" over the varnish to achieve the desired effect.




The airbrakes were a feature I put a bit of effort into. The actuator jacks look the part; with their hydraulic piping, as well as the droop angle that is rarely seen on a model.






The slats are finally installed, and I am very pleased with the slat-tracks! It may have been an act of sheer folly to have them etched - twice - but the result makes me very happy. :D






Weathering a 'metal' paint finish is very tricky. I have elected to restrain myself on this build since the SAAF Sabres generally looked pretty clean. I did however add some airflow affected oil streaks - they break the symmetry of the panel lines and add some character.




Happy holidays,



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