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Ki-86a Cypress - ICM 1/32 - Complete


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I love the Silhouette machine.  This was the first try at making these masks - all applied with no issues.  I'm going to need to be careful with the 4s on the cowl that cross the raised lip between panels - they need to be firmly pressed down right before painting as they don't stick for long...



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I immediately concluded (and this really should have been obvious without needing any empirical evidence) that I was going to need to undercoat the whole model white before spraying the yellow, or there was no chance of getting even coverage.  So I did that today.  I should invest in some good white primer.

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Looks awesome so far!


23 hours ago, Alex said:

 they need to be firmly pressed down right before painting as they don't stick for long...



The secret to fixing that is to get a VERY sharp new razor blade or #11 blade and carefully cut the Oramask 810 along each side of the raised ridge, so the mask settles down on both sides. Then after burnishing down the two sides, so it no longer pulls up, take some liquid mask and cover the raised area to get rid of any gaps.


Works well, and will keep the over-spray down.

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With the yellow base coat completed (dang that took a lot of paint, even over a white undercoat - I guess that's yellow for you):




And masked up for the camo.  Even with the masks pre-made on the Silhouette it was a few hours' work to get this all sorted out.  It did not help that I apparently screwed up re-sizing one of the images I traced so that the masks for the top of the upper wing were too short and had to be amended with tape.




And with the light green color sprayed.  Even though the lacquer is dry to the touch in a few minutes, because I have to mask over some of the light green to shoot the dark green, I'm going to leave it set up until tomorrow before attempting that.



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So "camouflage" or not, this isn't a low-observability paint scheme ;-)




That photo is too cool in tone, BTW - the actual colors are yellower.


Overall I'm pretty happy with how this is going.  But more work to do.  There's one tiny area where the masks lifted the base coat of paint (in a highly visible spot, of course) so I'm going to have to fix that.  Plus I need to mask and paint a lighter-yellow ID band around the rear fuselage (if I had been thinking carefully I probably would have done that MUCH earlier and then masked it off).  


I'm going to give this latest round of paint a day or two though before I try to do anything more on top of it.

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Having wrapped up the last of the camo pattern, it's time to complete the insignia.  First I revoved the center sections of my hinomaru masks (and other white-bordered markings) to reveal the white underneath (there's still a thin band in place to make the white surround).




Then I used the overlay masks I had pre-cut to make masking around the shapes easier.  These were designed to be intermediate in size between the inner and outer shape, so they can stick to the thin strip of masking material that remains in place covering the final white border.




I'm doing red centers first so the figure 4's, which have black centers, will be covered for now.  Next step is to go nuts masking off everything else, because I sure as heck don't need any red overspray now.




Et voila, the (sorta) final product.  I've still got final assembly and rigging to do, obviously, but that should be it for paint.




No decals were harmed in the creation of this scheme - that's 100% paint.  A complicated project to pick for the first real run at using the Silhouette cutter, but I think that mostly just makes clear how easy the things are to use and get good results with.


Even these little hiragana characters came out looking OK




There are a few tiny bits of overspray here and there - next time I'll plan around deep gaps like between the rudder and vertical stabilizer.




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  • Alex changed the title to Ki-86a Cypress - ICM 1/32 - Complete

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