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Limited Edition: Airfix 1/24 P-51D Brass Landing Gear

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Hi Folks,

The attached images are of an available set of brass landing-gear for the Airfix 1/24 P-51D. They are extremely accurate scale reproductions. I modeled the set using archival blueprints and photographs. Normally, I would have cast a large run of them for sale on my website. However, due to the unusual way they are made, I'm only offering them as a special order. The price is $68 US per set plus shipping. The reason for this price is that they are all cast from first-generation 3D prints. That means there are no mold seams, flash or build up of any vestment porousness whatsoever. I realize that this is not for every modeler---another reason why I'm only offering them as a limited edition special order. Email me if you are interested in having a set.


Thank you, 

Robert Mrozowski



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That’s correct. 

It’s farmed out to a shop in the USA that does high end jewelry setting this way. This whole undertaking is an experiment because I need to make a minimum run of 10 sets. I want to see if there is enough interest before I place the order because I t’s a lot of money to lay out if there’s no interest. So If I can get at least 10 people to commit I will place the order and it will take a couple of weeks to complete. So far 3 are onboard. There is no risk for the participants because they will not be charged until run is completed. It’s almost like a mini crowd fund with the difference that they don’t have to put the money up front. 

This is a subject that I wanted to do for myself. Since I went to the trouble of doing all the work I thought it would be a shame not to offer to others who like one. I can tell you the prototype was not cheap to make. 

I know this more than you asked, I just thought  it needed more explaining.  

If anyone wants a particular subject I’m willing to do it as long as they can get a minimum of 10 people to commit. 

Thanks to all. 




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