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1/32 Revell P-51B Mustang "kitbash"

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I'm  resurrecting this project I started a couple of years ago, using the Revell "D"  downgrading into a "B" model.


some 1/32 Mustang kits  on the bench for comparison measures  ^_^



the revell kit is the best  option as a base for this operation, here  without the main D features




the leading wing was transformed using milliput







some magic sculpt on top of that hump, tomorrow more sanding....





so this is it so far, many uncertainties yet on the way to come...:D



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On 9/4/2020 at 3:19 AM, LSP_Kevin said:

Fascinating approach, Antonio! I'll be following along for sure.



thanks Kevin.  hoping the  effort will be worth it to make a "B"  eventually, cheers


18 hours ago, MikeMaben said:


thank for following Mike, cheers


11 minutes ago, Troy Molitor said:

Looking good Antonio.  I donated a Hobbycraft kit for this exact purpose to a fellow LSP'er.  The lines on a P-51B are just the Bee's knees.  Following with interest.  Once your -51B is completed Maybe just maybe, we'll see this one come to life!  

thanks Troy, I was hoping not to chop the Hobbycraft kit but was the best option if I want to finish this project,   I had to lol,  I agree with you about the "B" lines and curves :rolleyes:


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51 minutes ago, James Rademaker said:

Very nice conversion. I applaud your fearless kit bashing of several good kits to make a good B Mustang. I am assuming you are using the Hobbycraft windscreen and other “clear glass” for the cockpit.



thanks Jim, well, originally I was not going to use the hobbycraft parts and save the kit, was going to scratch all the canopy parts making a mold and vacuformed transparents  however  as I have no experience on that took the decision to use the donor kit and build this one quicker, the rear canopy windows also need to be lifted slightly  in position, that's what I did today, now filled with black ciano and sanding and polishing ahead, cheers




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