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NITTO Yokosuka/Kawanishi K5Y1/2 Willow

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Not wanting to duplicate any entry already mentioned here, I read Brad's entry again and noticed he is planning on doing an Indonesian marked aircraft.   I thought I might join in here and add a Japanese example?  


My kit is a NITTO.  I purchased it from someone here on LSP.  I only have the land based version and I have noticed a personal note written on the instruction sheet mentioning this person pinched the flight crew out of this kit and dated their note as 07/03/1973!  I was 11 at the time.  I have built this kit more than a few times in my life and recall it being a lot of fun in my basement in Wiscony as a kid.  













I hope to do something like this mentioned below.  Hoping this is the fair play with using the excellent reference book ARAWASI Eagle Eye Series, No 2.  Highly recommended.  

If any one can help on vinyl stencils/ templates I welcome a PM.  


Im also in the process of moving cross country so my updates will be delayed at times.  Thanks for the understanding.  





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Life seems a bit complicated at the moment being in a middle of a 2000 mile move in a months time.  I do mange however, to sneak in a few moments here and there to add to my build.  Yes, I do build models.


A couple announcements first.  I have a hard time staring at orange plastic for some reason.  I applied a lite coat of Tamiya primer to the main surfaces just so I didn't have to stare at the orange plastic all evening.  I was planning to stay pretty true to the kit build out of the box with the vintage of the molds.  Well,that didn't work out so well.  The plastic is really brittle and comes apart with various types of sanding.   The ailerons IMHO needed to be separated.  This made me go into a long process for the upper wing which comes in 6 parts.  A lot of Tamiya white filler has been added to just about every seam to hide a lot of seam mismatch work.  


The engine exhaust collectors were also hollowed out which went well with my DU pen router.  I really like my router the more I use it and now have it side by side with my handy sander.  The real time savor for me not having a whole lot of time on my hands.  The engine I applied a new product (for me) which is the AK True metal.  I really like this stuff.  After I applied this true metal color with an ear swap, I took out some Tamiya panel line accent color and added it to the cylinder fin area.  The engine plastic is brittle and broke a part in a few areas. Enough

babbling.  I'll let the picture do the rest.  





Im not sure if Im going to add round stock evergreen strips for the tubular inner fuselage structure.  The last picture is really bad sorry!  All my reference material are now packed up and I recall a picture of the inside of the Willow in one of my references.  There was an interesting color inside I recall?  Anyone rememebr this picture?  I sure could use the help in finding it.  Thanks.



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Hi Mike,  thanks for your comments.   If you look at the picture again the hood is for a different serial number.  Number 601 or 602 didn’t have ha e the hood but I do like the hood.  I recall a plastic funnel over our flight helmets in flight school.  My stick buddy had flicker vertigo once under the hood and had the hand back the UH-1 H to our instructor at the time.   We shall see

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Any ideas on the 4130 tubing interior color?   Looks some sort of green.  The seat COLOR is also interesting.   

OK,  The house is being packed up for a 1900 mile move but in all the madness Im still finding a bit of time to knock something out.  


The latest updates are pretty self explanatory.  GzwTC43.jpg?1

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