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3D Printed Seatbelt Decals

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Just saw that Kit-World Decals have developed a 3D printed seatbelts and IP water slide decals. Just wondering if anyone has tried them or are there any reviews on them?


Looks interesting,  but I want to see real world usage and experience with these. They seem to be a more affordable option to others manufacturers stuff.


Any information on these will be greatly appreciated.




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1 hour ago, Royboy said:


I've bought a few of them and they feel and look very good to my eye.

Quite a novel way to do seatbelts, I like 'em! :)

Sure are cheaper then some of the alternatives, but to my eye, the others, in textiles, look extremely realistic. These are cheap enough for a couple of test drives. They say (Kit-World Decals) on their FB page, that they can be "draped" for a realistic appearance?

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On 9/2/2020 at 7:32 PM, Reuben L. Hernandez said:

I really dislike PE belts, so for me, they gotta be better then PE.

Mine were just delivered today and they look pretty good. I would say they look at least as good as PE or maybe a bit better. The buckles are raised and the color and detail look good. I think the biggest advantage is the flexibility. They should drape pretty realistically. Of course I have not used them yet. It won't be until my next build.

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