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Matchbox Tiger Moth RAAF Air Ambulance

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After a break of about a month or so, during which I indulged in endless angst about things like the dihedral of the lower wings, I've finally found time to do a little bit of work on the build. And I've decided to leave the dihedral alone - partly so I can just get this build moving again, and partly because it really doesn't look all that bad to me:




Perhaps a little underdone, but good enough for RAAF work.


Here's what things look like at the moment:




Wings are on, with ailerons attached, and the canopy main section has finally been fitted. If you look closely, you'll notice that I've also added the rudder control horns and protective shield:




The horns themselves are from a pair of modified airscale photo-etch parts, while the shields were fabricated from pewter foil sheet (a bit hard to see clearly in the photo, admittedly).


You might also notice that I've taken Max's suggestion and modified the seats for the cabane struts. The forward set was removed altogether, as they don't appear to exist on the real thing. To compensate, I've drilled and pinned the struts themselves, and drilled holes in the fuselage to accept the pins when the time comes.




That's it for now! I think at this point have to refer to Eric's build so I can copy his approach to the rigging. Stay tuned!



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Excellent Kev, so glad to see you still working on this one. I agree the dihedral looks just fine! It’s a simple plane to rig though from memory Eric uses accurate looking Gaspatch turnbuckles which he heats up and embeds in the plastic......I’ve copied this method and it’s tricky. The real problem comes however when you come to attach the thread to the turnbuckle; there is so little surface area on the latter for adhesion. I may be way off beam here because it’s some time ago that I read Eric’s build but I think he tied a small knot at the end of each thread? Good luck! 

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Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm back with a rare update! Just a smidge forward, however. I plugged the oversized gaps in the upper wing joins with Apoxie Sculpt:






This next bit had me sweating for a while, but thanks to a template that Max supplied me with (thanks, Max!), I was able to get the metal plate thingy over the vertical fin sorted:




Actually, I have to confess that I'm not completely happy with it. Max used lead foil for his, whereas I opted for self-adhesive aluminium plumbing tape. I thought it would give a better scale thickness, but it's rather soft, and seems to show creases and folds everywhere, so I'm not sure if I'll keep it, or rip it off and try some pewter foil that I have. I think I'll give it a coat of Mr. Surfacer and make a decision after that, as it's difficult to see what's what in the shiny aluminium.


I guess I have to start drilling holes for the rigging next! Man have I been putting that off...



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