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Special Hobby T-2 Buckeye

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Great job so far. Have been watching with interest.

Consider split shot fishing weights in the appropriate size to fit in the opening. Look fwd to your next update.




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I use "Liquid gravity" in places like that. This is fine lead shot ready for modellers. The bottle has a nozzle like a glue bottle, so it's easy to fill in the stuff.




Nice build! I like the soft edge and the "pastel colors" of your camo very much. Great paintjob!



- dutik

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Thanks guys. 


Per google, #9 shot is 0.08" and putting the caliper across the part that goes in there it is 0.188" so #9 shot would work. I'll have to check it out.


I've seen Liquid Gravity mentioned somewhere before. I suspect what I have is very similar but the bottle doesn't have a nozzle like a glue bottle. I used a drinking straw to make a sort of funnel to get in the hole. And some thin superglue with one of those "wispy" nozzles that you can attach to the bottle.


Next is either flat or satin coat (want to double check the reference photos), remove the canopy masks, and add the small clear parts that remain.

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13 hours ago, denders said:

Well, I'm going to consider this one done. It isn't perfect but I had fun and I like the camo scheme too. I do need to work on making a better background for photos and better lighting.


Isn´t it what building kits should be: having fun during building a kit and being proud of the completed model every time you look at it!

I think, you did a great job! 


Cheers - Reimund

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Great work i love it.


One thing ive done in the past for tail sitters that i don't weigh enough is put the tiny piece of blue tack under the front tire. Set it on the shelf , apply light pressure and tada invisible, the plus side effects ive had from this, hard to know a model off the shelf, and dont put weight on the plastic landing gear so avoirs the classic collapse over time

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7 hours ago, Wingy said:

That came out great! You did a good job on the painting too. How did you solve the weight issue?

Thank you everyone!




I used some of that lead powder that I mentioned a few post before your previous comment. I used a section of a drinking straw to create a sort of spout, poured it in and then added some thin cyano.

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