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KT-03 aerial tow target

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Discovered that the central spine on top was to short AND misaligned. It has to run straight into the rudder at the real thing. I scrapped off a major part of this spine and replaced it with an appropriate one. Also cut a correspondenting notch into the base of the rudder:




Started to make the parachute box at the end of the fuselage. Profimodeller hints to the use of a sheet of cloth in the kit. You got it - no sheet of cloth here. Also one more time the wellknown order to glue PE parts edge to edge. Cut a 10,7mm styrene tube lenghtwide in half and used it as a central piece to get the PE parts together as required. Not yet finished, but you get the idea:






Now the Training Day GB is over. May I ask the administrators to move this whole threat into the "Works in progress" board?



- dutik

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