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JetMads 1/32 Viggen

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1 hour ago, Gary Needham said:


Maybe someone on the thread may wish to dismantle or address your production costings rather than casually dismiss you....or someone from JETMADS themselves perhaps?




The business model for the Viggen will no doubt be essentially the same for the Skystreak, there's a reason why manufacturing has diminished in the West, and a business model for one in Turkey will be completely different from one in the UK, added to that does anyone here know the intricacies of JetMads production operation, and why should they have to explain such a thing on here?


A couple of years ago I was talking to Danny Cormans, of Daco, and he told me roughly how much he had invested in the 1/32 Fouga Magister, I have no doubt he's more frustrated than anyone at it's delayed release, but these thing happen.

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As a happy owner of two Skystreaks I did not for a moment and do not also now think that they will fail. What I like most from the start about these guys is their open, frank and sincere communication. Covid is a trouble to us all humans and it is only natural they got it too, and in fact they avoided it even further than I expected. They let us all know they now have that trouble and I can see their dismay in their message. So I think, given the work and effort they put in so far, they deserve our support if some more waiting is how we give it.


There's no way of knowing their team setup and financials, but there's one thing you forget: In addition to the Viggen, they sold out the Skystreak too. I do not think they are financiallly troubled because their reservation confirmation for the Learjet said they will accept preorders only after start shipping the Viggens. 


And second run of the Viggen does not replace the Learjet. I've reserved two new Viggens fron the second run and the confirmation email said the new Viggens will be produced in parallel with the Learjet.


All in all, I think we are facing a manufacturer with sincere act and good intentions. Airllines and big corporations are either struggling financially or collapsing structurally; Jetmads people are just saying they need this time to shake the disease to restart their production and they are frankly letting us know, that's it.




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3 hours ago, alaninaustria said:

Delays happen, don't forget it is also the month of Ramadan in the Islamic world. This could also be a factor in the delay. 

Good things take time...

Be patient,




Hi Alan,


1. Not all Turks are Muslim.

2. Not all Muslim Turks are religiously observant.

3. There is, generally speaking, no prohibition against working during Ramadan, though many observant (and non-observant) people of the faith do take some time off from work during the celebration of Eid, which begins in mid-May.


There’s no reason to think that this delay is caused by anything other than some Jetmads staff contracting a potentially life-threatening disease. I hope they get well and get back to the work they enjoy.

“Be patient” is wise counsel.




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I do not think that has anything to with Ramadan. They would just say they do not work in Ramadan and we would respect it. But all Muslims I know work in this month.

it is about fasting, not working.

so it is totally irrelevant.


If you were someone who had no intention of delivering a kit, would you design 15 decal options on two A4 sheets after you already cashed all the money in and then make Cartograf print them?


My nose gets no bad smell at all and I take they are after their word. I would like to build the Viggen as soon as possible but after waiting all the big fish all those years in vain, there is not so much of an issue if I'll wait a few months more. At least I know someone is making it, sooner or later. 


Jetmads people, I hope you all get well soon and give us your lovely Viggen.




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We are living in new times and there is so many variables, a world wide shortage of hi-tech chemicals,a big ball's up in the Suez Canal, postal services slow if you are waiting for a spare part :BANGHEAD2:

We are having minor delay problems and (on the MDC side) we are low tech, so the companies with more tech than us !!!! a few minor problems will escalate up the line.

Production has it's headaches no matter what you do I have had my fair share of them in model production and Coal production.


And if you have production in your job title "the buck stops here"




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8 hours ago, Bob MDC said:

We are living in new times and there is so many variables, a world wide shortage of hi-tech chemicals,a big ball's up in the Suez Canal, postal services slow if you are waiting for a spare part :BANGHEAD2:

There's also a global shortage of glass, as suddenly the world needs to find enough to bottle 20 billion vaccine shots. Zero Paints are moving from glass to plastic jars for the foreseeable future (I won't be buying until they change back, I've had bad experiences of long-term paint storage with plastic jars). Even brewers are getting impacted, there's not going to be enough glass to bottle alcohol this year so we're likely to see a rise in prices for things like whiskey.

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