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McDonnell F-110A - Spectre or Phantom II?

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16 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:


Um, okay.  So we shouldn't discuss things on discussion boards?  


What do you propose we use the board for Tony?


It was a joke Jennings and I was quoted out of context so it seemed cynical on my part. No offence was meant.


The F-111 was nicknamed Aardvark for most of its operational life but only officially named at its USAF retirement ceremony (the Raven was an electronic warfare derivative nicknamed the Sparkvark). The Phantom II was neither nicknamed nor officially named Spectre. If it ever was written it was a half-hearted attempt at making it "more Air Force" because of the joint service programmes McNamara was foisting on the USAF. 



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I wonder if the AC-130’s name was meant to be in keeping with the scary-things-in the-night names of the other gunships operating in Vietnam, the AC-117 Shadow and the AC-47 Spooky? 

All of this airplane nerd stuff is great!



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29 minutes ago, LSP_K2 said:

To my mind, Phantom and Spectre are close to being the same thing, or at least very similar, so it could have gone either way,.


I believe the main difference is really in personal perception. I know a lot of the Iraqi prisoners referred to the F-117 as "Shaba" which is essentially an evil spirit that comes out at night. Which could also be a spectre, or phantom

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