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RAAF P-40N, SQN LDR Alan Thomson DFC, 75 SQN, Circa August 1945

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Although I always expect the very best from you Eric, I think I like this model better than any of your other builds.  To me, it nails both modeling construction skill and superb painting and weathering, that replicates a real aircraft so very well.  Congrat's on a 10/10 model!




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Thankyou very much for all of the kind comments guys, it is much appreciated.


On 8/16/2020 at 9:20 PM, Collin said:

Brilliant looking build. Will be saving these photos for future reference. 


Very nice finish, worn but not over the top worn. 


What is your technique for wing root weathering?  





Hi Collin, I use the `hairspray method' to simulate the worn down paint and then airbrush a very thin mix of Zinc Chromate paint around the edges of the worn areas, and then use a Prismacolour silver pencil to add additional scratches.


On 8/17/2020 at 5:21 AM, ade rowlands said:

Excellent finish Eric. I know that Hasegawa P-40N tail fit isn't the best but you'd never know from your end result.


Hi Ade, thanks. This was one area that I placed additional work into as I know it is an area that people familiar with the kit would look for being a known problem area.





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