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1:32 Tornado F Mk.3 Conversion (Revell base)

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Was wondering how long it would take for people to mention the forthcoming GR Mk.4 kit from Italeri... ;)


Flaps and slats - F Mk.3s were generally parked with these retracted.


They *may* do an F3 eventually - but I quite like the second generation Revell Tornadoes - shape is mostly pretty good - and, going by the two Italeri Mirages I’ve built - the quality of surface detail may actually be better on the Revell kit.


Also - given that I have at least 8 Revell Tornadoes in the pile that have been waiting on an F3 conversion - I may as well use those.


I don’t think I’m alone in having Revell kits stashed away?


When the new GR4 arrives I’ll have one - then work out best route for the mud movers from there...  :)


Tied up with vehicles just now - but will try and take some photos later this afternoon.



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 Hi Iain


2 hours ago, Iain said:

Was wondering how long it would take for people to mention the forthcoming GR Mk.4 kit from Italeri... ;)


Having just finished my second Revell Tornado and busy with an Italeri F-104 after completing two Italeri Mirages I will not get rid of Revell Tornados. I for one am not holding my breath for the Italeri release. For the Tornado fans sake I hope I am wrong in my assessment.


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OK - some images...


Nose cone - printed in HIPS using an FDM printer - so a little surface prep required. As with some of the other parts printed using this process, there's a 'flash'-like wafer of excess material to be removed from around the print.


Not that Tim has designed each plug in section with an associated bulkhead/location section - more on this later:




The forward underside insert - with Skyflash missile recesses. This will probably need the most tweaking to the surface as there is a noticeable 'stepping' in the print in the missile troughs - nothing a little spray can filler and some wet and dry can't fix:




One on left - as printed. One on the right partially prepped and the Revell kit nose-gear well dry fitted in place.






Plug behind cockpit:




Intake trunking - something completely missing from the Revell Tornado kits. I suspect this will work just as well with any IDS Tornado build, so a wider application than just the F3.




And the compressor blades - printed on an SLA printer, so resin, but very fine detail:






Rear missile fairings:




Late type Chaff/Flare dispensers:




Engine extension plug:




Lower tail/thrust-reverser insert:






That's not exhaustive - and bear in mind these are prototype parts!


I have started cutting things up - so more photos to follow.


I would sign off with 'blue skies' - but we're in the middle of some serious Cumulonimbus activity just now!



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Those look superb , and a perfect starting point for a great F3 m but what about the wing Vanes they need to be larger on the F3 and of course a revised rear cockpit , but having done one , none of this is beyond the skills of a tightfisted  rwonk like me!


Now if we could get a decent set of Decals as well, but as I hoping for too much !



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Is the old Black Box F3 cockpit no longer available?,


I seem to recall that the WSO IP in the set was pretty goodbut since I bought it over 10 years ago  it's probably  long OOP, pity!




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