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Colombia Kfir C10 Revell+Isracast

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Thank you Alain, but I'm not there yet. I still have the windshield to modify and this will rather be the deciding factor if this one makes it.


In the meantime I unmasked the wings, it's always a great moment to discover the effect. 
There's a huge contrast between flat grey and bright red, this will be toned down with the next gloss coat. 
I still need to further work on some panel lines. 





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I had my first masking marathon :)

Spent a whole day at the bench just painting the Colombian roundels, flags, serials and some larger stencils on the KFIR.


It was well worth it:





The Colombia roundels were by far the hardest to paint. 
I started with a white circle, then protected the centre star and painted yellow.

Then reapplied all masks except the centre star and removed the blue masks and painted blue. Then covered the blue and removed the red and painted the red parts.












The smaller stencils I could cut with the cameo 4 were the "no pise" markings. 
Masks were placed, sprayed with white then with red.


After that the serials were a joke to do :) and the cherry on top of the cake was the KFIR logo. the COA was too small to be cut correctly and will be added with homemade decals later on.


Great day at the bench but my eyes are bleeding.


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After an overall coat of X-22 I couldn't resit long to see if the masks matched the decals.


A combined use of masks and homemade decal was the only solution for the squadron patch on the tail.

- the Silhouette couldn't cope with the fine details of the patch 

- the homemade decals don't print white and usually applying lighter coloured decals on a dark fuselage colour doesn't work so well.


So the sqn patch shape was cut in the silhouette and applied on the tail after a white coat.




The sqn patch was then made and printed on transparent inkjet decal paper - and after a light coat of X-22 again was applied to the model:



The macro photography makes the white overtake worse than it is, it's barely visible with the naked eye.  



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