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Is the HB P-61 easier to get and A or B out of the box?

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Why did you completely change the title and first post?  This makes the subsequent posts not make sense any more.  My answer was to your original question about finding online or magazine reviews for the HB P-61.  It makes less sense now that you changed to post about which P-61 version the kit best represents.  I’m out.  If I answer any of your other posts in the future, I’ll be sure to quote it so my context isn’t changed when you go back and edit.

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There are indeed many reviews of this kit, which would assist you in terms of examining the kit parts as well as seeing built examples and any advice/issues that may have been encountered.


However, in answer to your question, although the kit is ostensibly marketed as a P-61B by Hobby Boss, apart from the extended nose, the kit is much closer to a P-61A than a P-61B version in terms of detail.



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It's a shame it's such an expensive kit, about the price of a Hobby Boss B-24 in the land of UK. 

And bits missing from the engines, making it even more expensive to fix. 


Good subject all the same. The later Mosquito NFs used the same A.I.Mk.X/SCR-720 radar gear, and the Americans used it wherever they wanted from June 1944, so the restrictions on the Mossies was lifted and 100 Group NF.XIX's could then go on Heinkel 219-killing intruder missions over Germany. Saved a lot of bomber crews. 


I built the 1/48 Monogram P-61 kit, Time's a Wastin', back in 1980. Looked great with four grey fuel tanks and dropped flaps. Not sure that was entirely accurate but it looked amazing in shiny black. Quite fancy a P-61 in 1/32, but that price tag with the resin bits (if you can get them) — aagh! 




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You can try going back to your original post on the issue - back in July 2013 ...



Dave posted there as well ...


Also Steve - who did at least one build that I am aware of, has listed fairly comprehensively some changes for consideration in the above post.


As well as a build example:




Although some of the notations were a little confusing to me as I started work on mine - he's essentially right in his conclusion ...

In the process of making their usual weird and wonderful mistakes in kit design, Hobby Boss have inadvertently manufactured a kit that, with minimal tweaking, can be built into a fair representation of either A or B.


Personally I'll stick with the A as the mods are easier for me and I love the O/D and grey look ...


But follow Steve's notes or his build work and you won't go wrong.


Rog :)

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Is Relish models still an ongoing business? The site seems stuck in the past. 

If not, does anyone still do the P-61B nose? 

And anyone in the UK bought the P-61 kit direct from China? 



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