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My first ever group build entry is the Scratchbuilder's Boulton Paul Defiant.  The kit was a very early resin "multi-media" kit.  I was impressed at the time and the ID models vac version was too intimidating.  I will building the Mk.1 with RAF day color scheme will put the aircraft in the BoB time frame. 




A few references.  I will make more use of walk arounds and other info from the internet for details.




I started this kit years ago right after its release during the late 1990s.  I did not get very far.  Too much rework and scratch building to keep my interest.  Not much information on the internet back then. I sprayed on the primer to keep exposure to resin during handling to a minimum.  Years later after building a few other resin kits and one or two conversions it is now time to pick up the pace.  I can now take advantage of very good detail parts have been produced for other British models.


The archival scrapbook jumble box.




The kit components sorted out. The blue covered clear parts are from Tigger Models.



Cockpit.  I have some work to do.  The new 1/48 scale Airfix kit will be a reference of sorts.



The turret will be a whole kit by itself and will be a focus of interest when the model is on display.  I bought some nice brass and gun bodies.


My kit came with only one set of clear parts so I picked up a set from Tigger Models as a backup. This resin kit appears to be based on the ID models vac kit so this makes sense for now. The new parts seem to fit and the framing is not as pronounced on the new turret. 




The kit's clear parts.  The kit turret is on its way to make a female vac pattern.poVLrIknj


The turret is a nice starting point.  Serious gap.



Propeller and spinner. The kit spinner is on the right.  Spitfire spinner on the left.




Landing gear with wheels from Revell Dauntless. Metal components are a little bit soft.  Brass tube and flat stock to the rescue I fear.




Work coming up for the instrument panel is obvious.  A more modern set of instruments may be in order.




Very good landing light details.



Some idea of the fit of the parts. All taped together. Chunky starting point



Detail needed in the gear bays.  Wrong fuselage belly cross section behind wing may have to be ignored.  







Some rough fit



Much scribing during the build. The BP has many prominent fasteners. Spitfire spinner shown.




Clumsy look will be cleaned up on the whole model.



Thanks for looking and look forward to your feedback.  This build will be picture heavy at times so one should be careful when using the "Quote" feature within this thread.



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5 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

You're brave! The Defiant has always been one of my favourite British planes. I will be very glad when a new kit will be released. 

I wished and hoped that WNW after the Lancaster would do the Defiant.  Perfect fit with any continuation of WWII market.  After all it was an esoteric, not so well known, not very successful and a crazy looking plane.


Now I think Dragon Cyber Models should release a Defiant.  A dual boxing with the Bf-109

E.  :innocent:

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Hi Rick, 

Very cool project indeed, looking foward to see what you can do with this one. I have a load of pictures I took at the open cockpits evening at Cosford last December of their Defiantbwoth plenty of cockpit and turret internal shots. If you are interested in them then drop me a PM with your details and I will send them over to you.


Regards. Andy 

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Rick, I see you've got the photo etched landing light bulb holders and the MV lenses.

For large scale applications, I've never liked the MV lenses, which are really designed for small scale cars, and in any case are inaccurate for use on most aircraft landing lights

of this type where the lamp bulb was suspended in front of the glass-less reflector dish. I heat mould a plastic sheet hemisphere which when painted chrome gives that inverted reflection look.

For suitably sized spheres to mould reflectors, many years ago I picked up a child's string of toy pearls in red plastic at a car boot sale, which contained a range of 'pearls' from large to tiny.

Over the years they've helped construct lights, IR sensors and ECW bumps so they've certainly been a worthwhile investment for the few pennies they cost.

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