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3rd Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai Model 21, Shōichi Sugita

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I think this is one of your best! The view of the model from the port and starboard sides (almost in-profile views) look like the real thing.

The plane's sheen, the exhaust stains, and the fading and density of the yellow on a frontline, airworthy plane are things I most admire.


Thank you!

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3 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

You NAILED the paint finish Miloslav (as usual).  Just perfect!


What method did you use to chip the paint?  It is excellent.





I use chipping products from AK or AMMO Mig, in combination with Liquid Mask.

1 hour ago, Out2gtcha said:

Excellent!  You are a modeling machine!!   Out of curiosity, where do you put all these finished models?   You must have some substantial display space

Half of the built models are made to order, so they go to new owners. I have enough space for my models, we have a big house and I have a wife who is a fan of the models. I also support her hobby - luxury shoes and handbags.:lol:

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