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D.B. Andrus

JV 44 "Papagei Staffel"

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A new photo of one of the colorful Fw 190D's has surfaced:




I believe it to be Red 4, one of four 190D's used by the staffel, which was purported to be the only  Fw 190D-11 (WNr. not confirmed) in use by the staffel, determined from less than perfect period photos. However, this newly discovered shot* brings that surmise into question. The aircraft pictured is definitely not a D-9 because of the enlarged air intake, as used on the D-11 and D-13. Therefore, it's either a D-11 or D-13, yes? Note that there are no outboard wing Mk 108 cannons installed. As the D-11 had 108's in the outer wing gun position and the D-13 didn't, my surmise that this aircraft is, in fact, Red 4 a Fw 190D-13.


I have contacted Jerry Crandall re. this new shot. It will be interesting to see what he thinks!



* photo posted by Martin Trnkus




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It is definitely "Red 4". There is a photo of "Red 4" taken next to a Ju 88 on the Munchen-Riem airfield and published in Jerry Crandall's books. You can see the Ju 88 behind this aircraft. Nice find. 


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