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RAF FG.1 XV571 WILD HARE Phantom Conversion

Anthony in NZ

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1 hour ago, Jet Passion said:




Few more details added to the rear bulkhead to match Brit FG.1 layout in late mod state.



And sidewalls have also been changed quite a lot, sorry I dont have a pic of what the Avionics parts looked like before I started removing stuff and adding extras.  But this is pretty much what an FG.1 front sidewalls should look like, locking mechanism connecting rods to be added and then hopefully this weekend I can epoxy the front tub in 




Righty....off to bed

Cheers Anthony



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On 11/11/2022 at 12:30 AM, Derek B said:

That is real progress! Well done Anthony.



Thanks mate...I feel like the cockpit is getting near the finish line now!


On 11/11/2022 at 3:09 AM, MARU5137 said:

EXQUISITE  Work Anthony.


I knew you would do an AMAZING  job on the Cockpit. 


Thanks MARU, means a lot buddy since I hate doing them....although these comments are giving me a confidence boost and making it seem like maybe they arent so bad after all????


On 11/11/2022 at 5:32 AM, RadBaron said:

Stunning work, Anthony!

Thanks but I think the resin and aftermarket, coupled with crappy photography are making things look better than they actually are LOL


On 11/11/2022 at 9:14 AM, LSP_Kevin said:

Brilliant stuff, Anthony!



Thanks Kev!  I REALLY want to finish this before the new kits come from Turkey!


15 hours ago, blackbetty said:

x2, very nice pit!

Thank you sir!!!  means a lot coming from a master like you!!


13 hours ago, Starfighter said:

Absolutely brilliant, Anthony! 

Thanks Ben, I have been using your 'S' cockpit pics for inspiration!  Actually you did a lot of mods in that too I notice.  Beautiful work


Now this post is specially for those guys planning this conversion unless the new 1/32 Phantom range from Turkey include Spey powered ones... in which case I am the only fool going to do this


There seem to be all sorts of different coaming styles (Brit ones only) and they depend whether they are FG.1 early or late RAF, FGR.2 and 'J' UK's.  We will focus on 'late mod' RAF Operated FG.1's for the purpose of this build as the rest of the cockpit is configured that way.


Initially I was going to use the coaming for the F-4C but there were features of the 'J' in it.  After much scratching of the head I decided to go back to the Aires 'J' coaming and modify that. The shielding over and around the scope is different and shorter.  So here is stage one


Cut the coaming back and sand and scrape to the correct shape. Also round the corners or shoulders on the resin side edges


This is to show you how far back this must come, oh and ribbing removed



Modified side



And now both sides done and a check that it looks correct for the next stage



Hope this is useful to anyone contemplating this build.  I have to say, I spend more time studying and researching than I actually do building


On to stage two of the coaming...whatever that is as I am figuring it out as I go!


Thanks again for your generous praise, it is clear there is a real LOVE of the Brit Spey powered Toom's here and I am not disappointing obviously.  Your help along the was have been invaluable!


Cheers Anthony 


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On 11/9/2022 at 8:52 PM, Anthony in NZ said:

Thanks Jeroen!  Yup all better now and pointing in the right direction 

I found that if I just pulled them out a little to expose the 'curls' I could manipulate them better.  I used tweezers but my sausage fingers for gentle bends, dont know if that helps??

Thanks! I'll give it a go again -> I work in IT so no shortage of power cords to strip for copper :)

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