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1/32 Fly Hurricane windshield

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Trichloromethane us outlawed here in the U. S. but since you're down-under, you'd have to check whether it's outlawed there or not.   We used to use it for cleaning engine cowlings on our Metros.  Afterward we had to use other chemicals that didn’t work half as well but didn’t kill you either.  Not sure about Dichloromethane but suspect it too is verboten here in the U.s.

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Wow, so many options!


Thanks Graham - your process looks amazing.


Is it idiot proof? Or I should say, are there any catches for a newby using it for the first time? What happens if you load too much adhesive?

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I think I go through phases with clear glues some of the pva's are great but my weapon of choice is G-S Hypo cement mainly used in the jewelry trade. It's clear can be cut and removable.



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