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19 hours ago, patricksparks said:

I got the 21st version many years ago. the overall the shapes seem to be pretty good, I never did any measuring but it looks the part, no real strange looking shapes or things. The panel lines are very heavy though and need a lot toning down. It also suffers from thick trailing edges on the flying surfaces, the leading edge slats are separate/movable. The landing gear are a bit heavy looking, vinyl tires, wheel hubs are decent looking. The  cockpit is ok for what it is but it can be certainly super detailed better. There is a seam on mine on both sides of the fuselage from the cockpit  sills back to the tail that was where the 2 seat version cockpit was to go, I don't know if they got rid of the separate parts on the "KIT" version of this or not, it took a lot of good strong gluing and sanding to get the seam to go away. Overall I would say it's a good start to work from though.



I got my Me262 kit from Germany as no company as yet is stocking this one in the U.K that I could find.

Sometimes I've had to go direct to China to obtain what I wanted for this scale of model!

However, the HB kit has some additional parts which have been produced in white plastic from the standard grey sprues in my example.

The cockpit offers a great opportunity for an upgrade (wiring/switches etc) if your up for it!

The 'standard' box cockpit looks o.k but I'll definately take it up a notch or two as you can see any improvements made quite well..

I do hope they expand this range, I think I'm getting a fondness for them now even though I vowed not to go this big........ever!!  :rolleyes:


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