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EA-6B Prowler (02 April: Done!)


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Quick update. Here’s how I make the cross deck pendant, aka arresting gear. Take a couple of wires and chuck ‘em in a drill to wrap/twist them up.





And a couple of teaser shots. Think she’s done. Need to give it a good once over for final bits, but it’s only 1 or 2 if that. RFI pics when I get the chance.







Thanks for following along folks, always appreciate the comments and encouragement. Definite motivation and what I love about this joint.


Now to figure out if I get after the Huey, Crusader or Liberator. Honestly might be the F-8 just as it requires the least effort after a 2 year build. More soon!


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  • easixpedro changed the title to EA-6B Prowler (17 Mar: finished?)

Thanks everyone, much appreciated!

2 hours ago, Starfighter said:

I absolutely love it, great job Pete! So there are at least two 32nd scale Prowlers around now!:coolio:

Had the same thoughts Ben! Couldn't have done it without you paving the way...once I'd seen yours, I knew it had to be done.


Will also have to tease Beaker about this. Work with him on a fairly regular basis and he's heavily involved with the Prowler Association. Have to let him know that while there are at least 2 in existence, this one doesn't have a miniature version of him or his mustache though!


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She looks AMAZING. 


it has been a honor to follow your build and see your EA-6B Prowler become a thing of beauty.. thank you.





I do not think that I have seen a model displayed like yours which to ME, gives the impression it has been captured flying in the air.. {as in real life } gravitational feat on your part.






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  • easixpedro changed the title to EA-6B Prowler (02 April: Done!)

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