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What 'era' do you all prefer to model?

What 'era' do you prefer to model?  

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  1. 1. Pretty simple, just curious what most of you prefer

    • Pre-War / Early Years / WWI
    • WWII
    • Korean Era
    • Vietnam
    • Cold War
    • Modern - Non US
    • Modern - USAF / USA
    • Modern - USN / USMC

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I just had a glance at my display case(s) apparently WW II Luftwaffe is most prevalent....mixing in a few big jets, a few 1/6 scantily clad resin females, a battleship, 2 dinosaurs, 3 cars and 2 handfuls of civil aviation (whooooo shiny!) also on a side note 1/32 and 1/72 seem to be the dominant species (both devisable by 1/6) OCD much?

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I stick to WW2 types, mainly RAF but I tend also to pick themes, at the moment the theme is Japanese, I've also done Italian and French themes, I rarely build Lufwaffe stuff, when I do it is a "distraction build", something that I can build quickly without worrying about the details.





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I am 90% WWII across the board aircraft or armor.  I am interested in deviating from that though.  Have.a modern tank on the bench and I want a ZM skyraider.  I am mostly finished with the new 1/24 Tamiya Mustang.  Just working on details. Have a big Millenium Falcon almost done as well.  Have a spitfire on the bench also.

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I voted World War II because you can only do one; but as well as that I cover WWI up to the Cold War.  Like @mozart, it's about the aircraft and its story rather than the era as such.  It allows interesting comparisons: for example, only 34 years - what nowadays is a reasonable in-service life - is all that separates the Sopwith Snipe from the Hunter in 111 Sqn service.  And yes, I have done both models.

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4 hours ago, LSP_Mike said:

While I lean towards WWI and WWII, I have select kits from all eras depending on the subject.


Ditto. I'd basically have to check every box.

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I have more kits from WWII than anything else, but, like my taste in music, I like what I like. WWI through to brand new cutting-edge stuff. Military and civilian.  The more esoteric the better!

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I may prefer the aircraft of the 1930's and earlier, especially those of WWI in larger scales, but I also like to build 1/72 airliners of the 1930's, 1/72 submarines and all sorts and scales of spacecraft (real and imaginary, from Project Mercury to 2001 or War of the Worlds). I like "What if" builds, 1/32 Saabs or Aggressor aircraft and Maschinen Krieger, but also like to build electronic art that crosses over to Steampunk or Dieselpunk subjects, such as my idea of what a time machine or parallel universe transporter might be. (My granddaughter likes the blinkey lights and buttons). Not too close to large scale planes in some ways, but the electronics can animate them on occasion. It is way too easy for me to get distracted and have too many things on the shelf, only half finished. Oh well, the journey is fun too.



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I model WW2 stuff, like Jim, because of the huge leap in advancement of that period.  Most air forces had a lot of biplanes in their inventory in 1939.  One country even put a new biplane into production in that year.  Yet by 1945, the jet era had begun, consigning piston engines to history.  From a purely non-military perspective, that's a loss as piston engines speak to you, which is why many here also have an affinity with their cars.  Also, jets ( like modern cars) have become almost anonymous - they all look the same.  So there's a huge nostalgia for this era as these planes achieved so much and they were all individual.


I do also like early jets, but there's so few LSP kits available.





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