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Airfix 1:48 Spitfire Mk Vb

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Thanks Jennings! 


With round one of the panel lines washes done, I also made a start on the exhaust stain... 



I'm also pleased to report that my method of attaching the undercarriage seems to have worked! 


Please note that the spinner is still unpainted and the visible grey patch under the access door is intentional to allow me to attach it once I've painted it! 




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Thanks @Jennings Heiligand @MARU5137 for your very kind comments! It's much appreciated!


I haven't started weathering the props yet but thanks for that info, I'll do my best to include it. 


Yesterday was spent weathering the exhausts. I started off with an overall coat of XF-24 Dark Grey and then oversprayed firstly with straight up XF-10 Flat Brown and then a 50/50 mix of XF-10 and XF-69 NATO Black. A couple of washes later and this is the result, of which I'm quite pleased. 






The aforementioned prop is only dry fitted at the moment hence looking a bit loose! 


And then some overall shots... 






Thanks again! 



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Marvellous job on the exhaust. Looking at the side profile, the aircraft appears shorter than other spitfires I've seen. Is it possible to get a close up of the legs? I am wondering if Airfix took the hydraulic suspension in mind and saved many of us from having to do it ourselves?


You have built a lovely model. Well done. :clap2:

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