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New HKM 1/32 model coming soon...

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1 hour ago, GrahamF said:

I think our sun will have turned into a white dwarf before that appears in 1:32!




We're a funny lot, modellers. We buy kits of Luftwaffe aeroplanes that were never built but don't want aeroplanes with around 1500 examples



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4 hours ago, GrahamF said:

 Or any Aircraft that are the final version and last link to one of the most famous fighters in the world.



It really does demonstrate how theres no rhyme or reason when it comes to what will actually sell, compared to what the market says they want.


Your kits look absolutely superb and are fantastic value for money, but hold zero interest for me.

A Martin Baker MB5 from you, on the other hand, would find it's way onto my bench immediately, but I'd imagine that that subject would (sadly) hold even less appeal than a spiteful or Attacker :/


We are a weird bunch of folks to please. 



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If you are as slow to finish something as I am, even the fake box top can give you some joy. I truly appreciate the creation of those box tops of the B-58, B-26, Do-17 and Hampden. I have seen them and enjoy them almost as much as having them on my shelf, maybe more, since I just saw them and I'd have to dig through the garage to find their siblings. I guess that means I should finish something, but collecting is so compelling.


And the kit will probably be a really fine P-38 with all the versions as options, assuming they want to sell a lot of them. The Martin B-10B only works if they want to sell one or two to me and two other people. But just think of how fine they could make a B-26 in any version and how many fascinating alternatives you could make. We really need to fill out the upgrade of those Momgram 1/48 heavies in 1/32 scale so we can cover the ceilings of our model building man caves.



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17 minutes ago, do335b6 said:

B 58 that would be awesome could convert it to Snoopy the B 58 that was modified to test the Hughs radar and missile

system being designed for the XF 108


Mine would be a SEA scheme, definitely.

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