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IPMS/USA just announced 2020 Nats cancelled

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The following is a joint announcement from the San Marcos 2020 Convention Leadership team and the IPMS USA Executive Board.

We jointly appreciate all the feedback we received regarding this year‘s convention. We’ve taken your comments and concerns into careful consideration, while maintaining an ongoing dialogue and negotiation with the Embassy Suites convention center in San Marcos. These negotiations have been proceeding carefully due to the significant financial exposure that IPMS would be subject to if we simply decided to cancel the convention unilaterally.

We are now prepared to announce that the 2020 National Convention is officially canceled. While this may disappoint many, including your authors, we believe it is the prudent, safe and sensible thing to do.

On a more positive note, we have been successful in negotiating the use of the Embassy Suites San Marcos location for the 2023 convention. Therefore, the rotation for the next three years, circumstances permitting, will be Las Vegas in 2021, Omaha in 2022, and San Marcos in 2023. Tentative dates for the 2023 convention will be August 2nd through the 5th. We are currently finalizing details of the contract with Embassy Suites and expect a finalized version within a week.

For those who have registered already for the convention, we will be processing your refunds. For those who have booked hotel reservations at one of the convention center hotels, it will be up to you to cancel those on your own. Vendors will be refunded their money for tables as well through our vendor coordinator, Craig Gregory. Chapters and individuals who have sponsored contest categories may also receive refunds for their sponsorships.

Again, we want to thank you all for your patience and support during these trying times, and hope that you recognize we have made the best possible decision for all under the circumstances.

For any questions please contact John Noack at: IPMSPresident@ipmsusa.org

Or Len Pilhofer at: director.nats2020@gmail.com

Respectfully submitted,

Len Pilhofer, 2020 Convention Chairman

John Noack IPMS USA President

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I too look forward till an effective vaccine is developed and administered. With all of this 'mandated model building' time we are experiencing while waiting for that vaccine and we can have local, regional and national contests safely, there should be a lot of models being built. Imagine 2 years worth of builds being entered at these contests. Recently there was a news article regarding the large sales of models during the confinement. I personally will be showing up with many more models than I normally would. We have some really great contests to look forward too. Stay positive, Stay Health, Stay Building



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That's an interesting point about the selling of models, Jager. For quite a while, Hobby Lobby was out of almost everything kit related, which is not at all normal for them, though I'm glad they were still pulling in money, despite the lock-down of the time.

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18 minutes ago, BiggTim said:

So who's planning on vegas? There is quite a lot of interest over at LSM, so just curious about the LSP crowd.


Vegas is way too far for me, same with San Marcos, so it looks like my best bet so far, is Omaha in 2022.

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