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Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4

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With the hull more or less done, focus has shifted back to the interior. With the model interior only visible via the windows, the rear compartment won’t be overly detailed. 

Here are the seat backs, handed for left & right, with the large shoulder pad toward the front of the vehicle. 



Only the seat bases to go, then the front seats & compartment details. 

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Posted (edited)

With work being a bit full on at the moment, I’m limited to half an hour before bed for design. This limits me to simple projects, which the quite curved seat bases are not!


As I’m using the Trumpter M-ATV tyres, only the wheel hubs have to be modelled. 

Step one - draw the hubs in cross section. 



Step two - select the profile and the axis around which to rotate it. 



Step three - overlay the two components & realise you’ve made a mistake by not punching out the innermost horizontal section!




Step four - fixed! Detailing required. 


With a little more detail. 


With nuts & bolts. 


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Thanks, Tom & @Out2gtcha for the kind words. Learning a new skill has been fun.  Stretches problem solving into new directions, that’s for sure!


With time being tight, I used what I had to tweak the design & create a spare wheel hub, as well. 


With a week-long break coming up, I’m hoping to restart printing, commission the new resin printer, & complete the suspension design. 

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Putting the break in work to good use. Getting a run or three in, brought the printer back on line, continuing design. 

The differences between the 1.0 & 2.0 hull geometries necessitated redoing of the hull stowage boxes/sponsons/panniers. These were done first, last time; not a smart workflow, it turns out. This is the rear left set. 


This time, the complete design took ~2 hours. Those with firsthand knowledge of the Bushmaster may have spotted the rearmost box differs from the factory-delivered version, being optimised for DUKE electronic countermeasures. 

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Simply amazing job you have done. Congratulations! I cannot imagine how much math that you had to input into designing this model. My hats off to you. I can’t wait to see the finished product all painted up and loaded with military stores.


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1 hour ago, Uncarina said:

Truly epic work! It’s great to see your efforts come to life, and that beast is big!


Cheers,  Tom

Thanks, Tom. Have thrown all-but-one of the test prints out - and are over 271 hours of printing into printing the actual one. Starting to come together. 

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