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Automobile Association Dragon Rapide Decals for the Lukgraph Kit

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Finally got our new decals back from Cartograf!  I had them print the yellow bits for the AA Dragon Rapide (with a white backing, so they're opaque enough to stand up to the black paint), and the black bits are laser printed on a continuous clear coat.


Can't WAIT to see this baby in snazzy yellow and black!  As noted in the earlier thread, I've done the AA badge that's in the black stripe at the nose as a clear knockout.  I recommend applying a small disk of shiny foil at the appropriate spot on the yellow fuselage, then let that show through the knockout in the black.  Also, Lukgraph molded the RH fuselage half with the extra aft cabin window.  I've not found any photos of Rapides that had five windows on the right and four on the left.  If anyone can find one, I'm interested to see a photo.  In any event, the AA bird didn't have that window, so you'll have to fill it and eliminate it entirely.  Not too difficult, but don't forget!


They're US $15 a set.  I'll pick up the postage in the US, but if you're outside the US, please include $5 for postage (sorry, it's gotten pricey).  I'm down to my last few sheets of the clear decal film I prefer, but I should have more coming soon.


PayPal to jrheilig01 at gmail dot com  and PLEASE be sure to include your snail mail address, since sometimes PayPal seems to forget that.





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