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A-6E Intruder VA-196 Trumpeter 1:32

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I would like to show you the model of the jet that I love.
A-6E Intruder from Trumpeter 1:32 scale as always, a model made straight out of the box. Therefore, some of the decals don't match the original.

The Trumpeter A-6 model is one of the best models of this company in the 1:32 scale.
Unfortunately, model it's quite complicated and demanding to build.
However, this is one of those jets that you must have on your shelf.



1: 1



I 1:32


UMMA5ik.jpg?  1crIl5Ei.jpg?  2)9T0NBCK.jpg?  1Mmyo8AG.jpg?  1zl4uOiL.jpg?  1twYpoOn.jpg?  1aLuZBew.jpg?  1dQRlhUG.jpg?  2)iD3bq1i.jpg?  2)V658ysg.jpg?  2)SBzffTr.jpg? 1wvzckdZ.jpg? 1b43Q5CE.jpg? 1

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Koralik, i would like to echo all of the above, but most of all YOU'VE GOT TO TELL US HOW YOU GET THAT FINISH.........AWESOME!!


but maybe you've already explained the paintjob in one of your  models in the past, just missed it.

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