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1/32 F-16 Wild weasels extras

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Hello gentlemans. I made a few copy of my own resin parts for 1/32 F-16 Tamiya.


1) HTS pod for left side 

2) Pylon for sniper pod

3) ALE-50 Towed decoy system 


If someboby is interested, please let me know. 


Minimal order is 12USD for a set (1x HTS + 1x Pylon + 1x ALE-50). +5USD Shipping.

If somebody need more of some parts it´s plus 

5USD for  1pcs HTS

3USD for  1pcs pylon

5USD for  1pcs ALE-50.


payment via paypal.


Thank you very much guys.










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Hello Mark. The main problem is, that in kit is HTS pod for right side of fuselage (what is loaded position on "standart falcon"). And it is older type.  ALE-50 you can find in Academy falcon, but with low-details.... 

Wild weasels have loaded HTS on left side and Sniper on right side... so OOB you can build it.....  


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