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MRP paint recommendations for ships?

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Can anyone recommend good Mr Paint (lacquer colors only, not acrylic) to use for ships?


I have the Hasegawa USS Gambier Bay on the way along with the Tamiya Mogami seaplane cruiser and USS New York (LPD-21 not the battleship) & the Independence LCS trimaran.  The Gambier Bay camo colors are intriguing to me, I see there are two Mr Color paint sets that would be great but they're sold out everywhere save for a massively overpriced set on ebay.


I'm not worried about the colors below the waterline of these ships, only what's visible above the waterline.


Thanks for any help with this!


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Posted (edited)

Have you checked for the individual colors on spruebrothers?  They received a huge shipment about 1 week ago.  Filled several back orders I had for various aircraft. 


www.hobbyworld-usa.com may have them, but I would call him first.  


Paul C 

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Thanks guys. I’m aware of the Sovereign line but I really dislike painting with enamels. I’ll see what I can sort out for paint mixes with existing colors.




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