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1/32 Hasegawa Fw190D-13 Yellow 10

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  • 2 weeks later...

After taking a short break following the finish of the Me262B Nightfighter build, I've been trying to work up enough mojo to start this build back up.  It's slow going but I've managed to make a little progress.


First off, I've received the Aires 190D gun bay resin set.  I think it must be one of Aires older products based on the color of the resin and visible yellowing of the packaging.



I have no intention of using these in the wing root gun bays as designed but I thought it would be helpful to at least assemble one of the wing root stations to get a better understanding of how the MG151 is mounted.  Surprisingly, the front end of gun body butts up against a solid wall.  Although the gun barrels are provided, the set makes no provisions for their use.  I guess they expect the modeler to drill the necessary holes.




The back of the Jumo 213 has a cover, which I THINK is the location of the hollow space where a gun barrel would fit.  D-9's had no gun in this location hence the cover, which is the black object above the large trunk of the supercharger.  The Hasegawa kit depicts this cover and therefore gives me a point of reference as to where the MG151 can be mounted.



As previously shown, the instrument panels have been painted and it was time to paint the rest of the cockpit.  Pretty understated and, dare I say, boring?  The Eagle Editions cockpit represents much more than will be visible from the cockpit opening.  Everything behind and in front of the raised side panels will be obscured from sight.



Here is the frontal hood with the upper instrument panel in place.  The Revi 16B gun sight still needs to be painted and added.



The upper areas of the sidewalls have been chipped.  Really not much else will be see due to the raised side panels.  None of the painted wiring runs will be visible as they will be blocked by the instrument panel and the seat.



The starboard side panel is grafted from the Zoukei Mura Ta152H-1 kit to reflect the difference between the D-13 and D-9.  One of the things I've been doing after the cockpit has been painted and given a flat coat is to go back with a fine brush and touch up the black areas with Future.  The glossy Future will darken the black and provide more contrast and also give some surfaces a variance in sheen.  Just something to break up the monotony of a sparse cockpit.




The seat hasn't been given a flat coat yet.  I'll do that after the HGW harnesses have been added.



On the rear deck, I've pre-installed loops for the attachment of the shoulder harnesses.  The top of loops have been left open so, in theory, I can just slip the shoulder straps onto the loops and close them with CA glue.


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10 hours ago, Scale32 said:

That EE cockpit sure is a nice bit of kit and you've done it justice with the paint.

Have you seen the Aires version by any chance to compare?


Cheers Bevan 


Thanks Bevan! I've built a few of these Hasegawa Dora kits and have used the Eagle Editions cockpit before.  I would rank it as the best cockpit upgrade for the Dora, compared to the Aires and out of production MDC sets, which I've also used.  The Aires set is more simplistic but the casting is finer and more uniform.






But in the end, the cockpit gets engulfed within the fuselage with limited visibility into the area and the differences between the Aires and EE cockpits start to fade.





Eagle Editions




8 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Good show.  What paints do you use?


Thank you.




Thanks Mark!  The RLM66 is Mr Hobby Aqueous.  For the other primary colors used for the detail painting, I use my stash of Tamiya paints.



1 hour ago, Out2gtcha said:

Great work John, the cockpit looks very effective, realism wise.



Thanks Brian!  Pretty straightforward stuff and I tried to not spend too much time on things that will go unseen.  Most of these cockpit details will eventually get boxed in like this...



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What do you do when Mr. Jerry Crandall says the seat back should have not silver-colored wear because it is armored? (a) Come up with a dismissive retort like, "Yeah right!  Like you know what a real Focke-Wulf 190 seat looks like. Psssh!"? (b) Continue the build, pretending like you never saw the comment? Or (c) Wipe it and start over?



Of course, with all due respect to Mr. Crandall's undeniable expertise in the matter, I chose (c).



After I sprayed the seat with some appropriate shades, I thought I'd delve into the engine compartment and try to get the MG151 fitted.  Here is that "cover" that I was talking about in the previous post.  It has a hole drilled into it to accept the MG151.



The stub of the MG151 barrel can be wedged into the hole.



Since the gun protrudes past the resin bulkhead supplied in the Grey Matter resin set, I cut out a hole in it. In reality, the gun body goes all the way back into the front of the cockpit but since there is no visibility to that area, I am not going to cut a corresponding hole in the cockpit tub bulkhead.  I'm just going to trim the gun body to allow the cockpit tub to fit.



As you can see, the gun is visible but obscured.  It will be even more obscured once I had additional pipes and wiring.  I'll also have to add a chute for the expended ammo.  If possible, I'll try and incorporate the resin ammo container as part of the chute.  The real ammo containers in the D-13 were located above in the space where the D-9 cowl guns were.



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