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1/32 Hasegawa Fw190D-13 Yellow 10


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Thanks guys! Trying to squeeze in some modeling work in between family obligations.  Got my two daughters, a niece and a brother-in-law visiting so I'll probably not have a lot of time at the bench this weekend.  

I did manage to get a salt fade layer onto the model.  Sometimes used as a chipping technique, I like to use it to impart some fade wear onto the surface of the model.  It kind of resembles the water marks left by rain on things stored outside.  The dried salt crystals form a random pattern mask over which a very watery light color (Tamiya Deck Tan in this case) is sprayed.



Since it is hard to gauge the effect as you are spraying, I usually have to make some sort of adjustments afterwards.  In this case, I'll be toning down some of the effects by gentle micromeshing.




Some of the external bits are being added onto the model at this stage including the exhaust tips and tail wheel.  You can also see some minor chipping that I've added using a silver pencil.




I glued the landing gear legs into place using JB Kwik Weld, which gives me a bit of cure time to adjust the placement before the glue dries. The wing cannon barrels have also been glued in.





I fashioned a tension spring for the aerial wire from copper wiring.  It will be mounted on the tail mast when the time comes.


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Thanks guys!  The wheels have been glued into place.  Again using JB Kwik Weld to allow me time to set the wheels so that the flat spots are flush with the ground.

I'm still playing around with the finish.  The combination of the flat coat and salt fading have reduced the panel line wash effect in certain places so I am reinforcing that.  Adding chipping effects here and there.







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