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Flying Leathernecks Decals corrected F/A-18A/B/C/D pylons

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These will be 3D printed and based off of measurements of the real pylon. They correct the shape and details of the pylons provided in the Academy kit. 


There will be a total of four different sets (details are different on all of the pylons) in 1/32. Prices are to be determined and projected release date is early June after stock is built up. First batch in 1/48 scale came off the printer a couple hours ago and they printed as designed. 


More updates will be posted on our Facebook page throughout the coming weeks.




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See, I used to work on SUU-62's and SUU-63's at MALS-11, MALS-41 and MALS-42 Ordnance. However, the last time I touched one was in 2005 and I've forgotten a few things. Thankfully, several current Navy and Marine Ordies reached out and provided the necessary information to get these right. As an Ordnanceman, I can't let this stuff go uncorrected.


So, this is the updated release list of the F/A-18 pylons :


FL32-2005 1001/1021 F/A-18A/B pylons for BuNo's 161353 thru 163175


FL32-2006 1003/1027 F/A-18A+/A++/C/D pylons for BuNo's 163427 thru 163782


FL32-2007 1005/1033/1041/1043 F/A-18C/D pylons for BuNo's 163985 thru 165532














Semper Kill

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1 hour ago, Tomcatfreak said:

Hello Dave,


 great stuff!


Are you doing 1/32 AV-8 Harrier pylones as well? They totally off...


When is the 1/32 ATARS nose available?




Yes, we're working on Harrier pylons. Now that I've got most of the CAD program down (enough to be dangerous anyway), I'll be re-drawing the ATARS conversion.

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