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1:32 Hawker Siddeley Andover E.Mk 3 - 3D Print


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On 11/6/2022 at 6:21 PM, scvrobeson said:

Great progress on the Andover!


So Revell Contacta cement works to bond the 3D printed parts?  That's good to know. Figured it would have required something a bit hotter to weld it together.




If the parts are printed in HIPS, which is the same plastic that injection moulded kits are made from. AVOID PLA AT ALL COSTS!!!! You cannot chemically weld PLA in the same way you can with HIPS, only physically bond it with glues like epoxy or acrylic adhesives, which rely entirely on physically gripping the parts together. No where near as strong as a chemical solvent welded joint.  


Excellent work Iain, but then that goes without saying!!

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I took the question as "does the Revell Contacta work with the One Man Model prints in ABS" - to which the answer is, apparently, yes! 


Until it all falls apart on me... :rolleyes:


EDIT: Well, they sort of fell apart - see post below...


But, yes, FDM prints for scale model use should, ideally, be printed using HIPS IMHO.  :)


The ABS prints *are* pretty tough though...



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In further news re. using Revell Contacta on the ABS parts...




Looking at the bonded fuselage parts I noticed a crack forming - a little pressure and I was able to separate the bonded parts again relatively easily.


Previously bonded surfaces will be dressed off with the sanding bar to remove any remnants of Contacta and I'll re-bond with Plastic Weld.


One step back - but further up the learning curve! :)



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On 11/28/2022 at 10:51 AM, Iain said:

That's better - re-bonded with EMA Plastic Weld - I think that'll be the go to for any further ABS bonding.


You live and learn...



All EMA's pipe, tube, girders etc are moulded in ABS, the fittings sometimes Butyrate which is a bit springier so snap into place really well, and some of the finer strip items in polystyrene. Plastic Weld is the best 'all purpose' cement I have found for this kind of construction! It works on acrylic (perspex/plexiglas) as well.




No commercial link, just a happy, if occasional, customer!



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