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And so it goes.  Agreed.  But obviously we need another 10 pages of this banter to go on and on and on, based on speculation.  

R.I.P WnW.  You will be surely missed.  Seriously.    


Now SwS, please expedite the P-51B?   


I remember some really great car companies that went away.  AMC, Pontiac, Saturn, Triumph, MG, Vauxhall, Rover, SAAB.  It is, what is my friends!  I owned two TR-6’s in my life and totally regret selling both of them after the fact.  I purchased both well past the expiry date of Triumph in the U.K. The Brits made/ make awesome two seaters!,,,, RIP Triumph.  I hope Morgan is still alive because this is my next target of opportunity.     










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3 hours ago, D.B. Andrus said:

I finally acquired a WNW kit....one of my favorite WW I a/c - the DH 2, Lanoe Hawker release. My first impression was, my, that is a small model. Being used to the WW II "behemoths", so to speak, it could almost fit in the palm of my hand. Second impression, can I afford to build it? Will it be worth its weight in gold someday or should I take a chance that it won't end up on the self of doom? Actually, the question is moot as there are so many others to get to first, as well as the Landing Gear R Us business.  Will probably pull it out(the kit, that is) from time to time and admire the quality of the engineering.


So it goes.




x2 for building it Damian! These kits are so awesome to build and the $$ to fun ratio is hard to beat. I had no interest in WWI AC before WnW came along.  Now 60%ish of my display case is filled with 15 of them because the kits are so much fun to do with a lot more in the queue.. 

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On 5/19/2020 at 2:16 AM, Troy Molitor said:

 I hope Morgan is still alive because this is my next target of opportunity.     






Morgan are doing just fine, i pass the factory pretty much every day. I often admire them, and the guy that road tests every single one has one hell of a job!





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On 5/19/2020 at 2:16 AM, Troy Molitor said:

some really great car companies ... Vauxhall, Rover

You sure Vauxhall and Rover can be classed as great car companies? Vauxhall has made nothing but dire crap since 1945 (the only good Vauxhalls were re-badged Opals) and has constantly been on the verge of collapse since the 1980's. Whereas Rover made a car - the CityRover, a re-badged Tata Indica - that was so bad they refused to lend one to Top Gear for them to review, and it actually hastened the demise of the company just two years after it was released.

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11 minutes ago, vince14 said:

Whereas Rover made a car - the CityRover, a re-badged Tata Indica


There was an awful lot going on in Longbridge at the time, that car is an example


It was a successful car in India, and Tata were very proud of it - understandably as it was a cause of pride over there. It was a disaster for the UK due to the level of equipment and the quality of the build. MG Rover knew it and told Tata - who didn't want to hear. The biggest problems in that project were cultural rather than engineering. Most of them seem to have become MG-R manager's wives cars, not that there very many in the first place


If you want to seriously scratch your head, try and work out why we fitted Rouch V8 engines into a FWD car meaning a total redesign of the chassis to RWD. Or bought the Qvake Mangusta to convert into the SV


There was a lot money going into vanity projects when what was really needed was a replacement for the 25 and 45.





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Posted (edited)
On 5/18/2020 at 1:50 PM, GrahamF said:

You don't have to be an Einstein to work out what went wrong, basically they were expensive and not many people are into biplanes and the shops are full of unsold stock, the Lancaster was the last throw of the dice and they got it wrong because HKM released theirs.

Turning up for the first time at Telford with their un finished Lancaster was an act of desperation at the very same time as HKM's launch which personally I thought was a bit unintegrous but probably water off a ducks back to a Chinese company.

I have a suspicion that the moulding system they were using/hiring was some super cool thing that takes CAD data and turns it into tooling 'hands off' so that was obviously very expensive too.




There's just about no unsold dealer stock left anywhere in the world as we speak, and "even" the unloved Gotha I is selling fast from Hannants and on ebay, give that a few more weeks and they will all be gone too.


So how many other manufacturer's could ever say their kits have sold so fast for so much money in such a short time? and where are the Tamiya kits or any other injection molded manufacturer selling for £200 - £300 plus?


If that does not show just how prized thes kits are, and what a demand there is for them, then cows can fly as far as I am concerned. I am in no doubt the kits are far far better than Tamiya or anybody else's.


I am sure there are other issues that only those that worked directing that company really understand that are at play here, right now what has happened is a tragedy, and that is enough! everything else is somewhat churlish speculation which serves no one, and achieves nothing.


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