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MRP Mr. Filler - cleaning brushes?

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I've been applying Mr. Filler with cheap paint brushes that I throw away after use.  As long as I can get cheap packs of brushes from China this plan works, but if that supply stops I'll have to figure out how to clean the brushes.  Any ideas on how to clean the brushes?

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Hardware store lacquer thinner should clean them.   That's what I use to clean Mr Surfacer & Mr Dissolved Putty from brushes, and that's what I use to do a thorough cleaning of my airbrush after using all types of paint.  I have not used the MRP Mr Filler, but I'm making the assumption that it's an acrylic lacquer base like the Mr Surfacer/Mr Dissolved Putty since the MRP is acrylic lacquer.  The only problem comes up with natural fiber brushes.  If you want to use the cleaned brushes for hand-painting, you need to also get some paint brush cleaner/conditioner from someplace like HobbyLobby because the lacquer thinner really dries out the bristles.  Shampoo + conditioner might also work to refresh the brushes after cleaning in lacquer thinner.

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