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On 5/9/2020 at 1:51 AM, leoasman said:

Got my little pilots in their seats.  Still have to get the details painted and shadows etc.  Figures are not my strong suit, however, I hope they will be acceptable once everything is buttoned up.  



The important thing is they look happy!


Good work, keep it coming!


Tim W.

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Quick update on the Liberator.  Ive got the wings put together and started laying down some paint on the undersides.  I used a technique I saw on Facebook with Bera Karoly for textures.  I think it turned out pretty nice, very similar to some of the stuff Ive seen on here with the stencil or scotchbrite pad.  I also worked on the engines a little bit to spruce up the kit parts.






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Great modifications going here, best place for such a size model anyways! I have all my 1/18 planes hung upside down in a big formation across the shop ceiling. I figure the bottoms will get dust, just keep the webs swept away for a while until eventual dusting day.


So what markings will this one have?

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Thank you!  Well, I’ve always wanted to do Teggie Ann. I’ve been toying with the free Silhouette software to see if I can come up with something to make it worth buying a plotter/cutter.  However, I also like Strawberry Bi*ch, since it has more markings visible from the top as it will be wall mounted.  We’ll see...

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Ah yes, well when I saw you doing ball turret delete, that being one of the modifications to the Ploesti

Raider A/C (not only not needed at low attack altitude, but who'd wanna be in that getting all the ground fire?!

Bad enough to do as a job) I figured you might be - Strawberry a good choice. Another modification was changing

out the Norden bombsight to the type in the A-20. In our scale, I figured the one from the B-25?

My plan is to do the Green Ploesti "The Sad Sack" as my friends father was the port waist gunner, ended up a POW.

The ship is looking great, sure like the crew too.

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Here is where I am at with the wings.  I have the fuselage glued up, but it was a bear with the large seams.  You don't realize how big these 4 engine kits are until the big pieces start coming together!  I had to have my son spray super glue activator for my while I used both hands to hold the parts together...  I put it aside for a bit in order to start working with the tan/pink color of the top.  I started with 2 light coats of Tamiya Flesh XF-15.  I really like the look of this color on the wings.  It has a nice pinkish tan hue and its nice not to have to mix too many colors with such a large amount of paint getting laid down.  Then using the textures concept from Bera Karoly I sponged on some white and light brown to get a sun bleached and dirty look to the wings.  Its a bit of a leap of faith, but my test piece turned out well. 

Thanks for looking!




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Yeah,I will hafta bug ya more to get these nice updates.

That is "Super" you got the Xtra hands there - I certainly know what you had going - Nice operation.

I have my kit out but not building yet. For my choice of The Sad Sack, there is one grainy B&W in the Black Sunday book

with the crew in front of the nose art, but the orig. Sad Sack was lost just before the mission in N. Africa, so they were

actually in Sad Sack II which was Tan, but no time for nose art. I prefer to do the challenge of the first but as with you,

have to do the art myself. Plan to hand paint it as a one time deal. I did search a few times for the actual cartoon drawing

for better quality, but never found it. Sad Sack is hunched over walking in a downpour.


Speaking of weather, like what you got going and like with yours, won't hafta burn time building the ball! Well maybe have it

off to the side. Aren't the big parts sorta fun to do in a way? Sure impressive alright.

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So, I'm still working on this one, and I finally decided to get a Silhouette Portrait 2.  Best decision ever!!!!  The learning curve is a little steep, but the results are awesome.  This should allow me to do "Teggie Ann".  So here is a pic of my first efforts with the vinyl masks I cut myself.  



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I've started painting the tails using more masks from the Silhouette. (I love this thing)  The markings seem high on the tail, but I've included a photo showing them on Teggie Ann.  I opted to put them a little lower for ease of alignment and artistic license (wink wink)  Also, I didn't realize that the little flag marking was also on the inside of the tail until I saw this other photo.  Anyone have any idea why that is?




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Great I like this a lot. Envy your skills on the Silhouette.


This plane was originally intended to go to the RAF. As far as I know it was standard RAF to have the mark on both sides if the vertical stabilazor. All the pictures I have seen from Manchester and Lancaster bombers have the same. You see the double mark also on B25 Mitchells from this period.


Look forward to more.





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I know it has been mentioned before, but there is a great resource for mask making on Facebook called “The cutting edge scale modelers group”. Very nice group and they have a ton of downloadable files available for the machine. That’s where I got the early insignia. I learned everything from them and watching the silhouetteusa videos. 

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