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Revell Me262B-1/U-1 'Red 8' - now with pictures


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Hi all,


I took my sweet time, but finally finished another build. This time the Revell Me262B-1 nightfighter. I wanted to do another wheels up build. Luckily I had some pilots from my ZM He219 lying around waiting to get in the air. So I did a pretty quick build of the cockpit because not much will be seen with the pilots in them and the canopy closed. All in all it was a pretty tight fit. The rest of the build is pretty straightforward although I had some trouble closing up the gundeck. There are some pretty large gaps and steps to be filled and sanded. The same with engine covers. Just another example where the kit is designed to be build with panels open instead of closed. 


Anyway with that all sorted I had to make a choice for the color scheme. I really liked the one of Red 8, so went with that one. I found an excellent thread from Mark aka 'Madmax' here on LSP: Link. He did some research on this particular ac which helped me a lot. 


So all in all I'm pleased with the result. It's not my best build (had some trouble with the canopy as is evident in the pictures), but it looks pretty cool in my opinion. I've left off the external fuel tanks, because I don't like how they disrupt the lines of the aircraft. My guess is that the pilot dropped them before getting in action. Or call it artistic freedom.


Products used:

- Revell Me262B-1

- AIMS decal 32D007

- Master model FuG 218 antenna

- Mr. Paint 

- Pilots - Zoukei Mura He219

- model stand of unknown brand






















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Great presentation of a nicely done model.  :goodjob:


Just a quick question: in the first set of photos, the radar operator seems to be bent forward, looking close-up at his scope I presume.  In the second, he's seated more upright.  It looks good either way, I was just curious why you decided to change it? Or is it just an effect produced by different camera angles?

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