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Old USS Pine Island

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The ol' "box scale" Monogram USS Pine Island.

I have a soft spot for USN Floatplanes and their activity in WW2, so by proxy the support ships intrigue me to.

I picked this kit up a few years ago, spent 2 summers ago cleaning flash and mould defects and finally started applying some glue and filler in the past week.

This kit is a disaster of engineering I must say, BUT it provides a good outlet to sharpen my dormant skills before getting back to an LSP project.

It will be OOB (and this pains me greatly) but should be a fun painting challenge.


Pics to come, but I wanted to get a topic started.

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I remember this kit from my childhood, never did anything as advanced as using filler or any real part preparation, just glue (the tube type) and painting (Humbrol) with a large brush. Interesting ship and look forward to seeing what can be done with this 'classic' model.


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oh jeez, forgot I started this..sorry gang


I finished it, its not great but its done. The kit and I fought every step...part of me wants to do it again to really show this kit who's boss lol














Yes I know one side of the flag is backwards, the were printed that way...facepalm

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Looks good to me, I had not encountered this ship before so was amazed by it, I had heard of seaplane tenders before but always thought of small single engined aircraft so I was mightily impressed with this one.





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Outstanding Shawn.  My father was a radarman aboard AV12 end of WWII and into Korea.  Of course I have one but I haven't done anything with it yet. Never thought it could look so good, but made me look a little closer at the possibilities.  "Bravo Zulu"



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thanks gang!

This was an OOB build, but yes....PE railings would add a LOT and also simplify assemble and seam clean up dramatically!


I had to get a tender into the collection as my Grandfather flew PBM's out of Trinidad in the late 40's/50's, so anything PBM is pretty much a must build for me lol

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