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Infinity Models Aichi D3A Val


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Liking these a lot, including the oil canning, except for the a-la-Airfix canopy framing which will require a custom kabuki mask that fits perfectly. Definitely intending to buy both kits as they're just so different from mainstream subjects. 

Thanks for posting the pics. 



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10 hours ago, Thunnus said:

I am interested in both the D3A and B5N but... is anybody else concerned with the "quilted" look of the aircraft exterior skin caused by the rivets?

It looks really exaggerated to me on the D3A. Check out this recovered tail section at John Gerber’s Pacific War Museum. Even in a wrecked state, the joints on the rear fuselage are quite smooth and taut.



The Infinity B5N surfaces look more restrained, at least from the glimpse Jan posted.



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Has there been any discussion of add-on PE for these kits?  I was pretty put off but their helldiver release that was A: expensive in its own right, and B: practically required factory PE to be complete.  Add to the fact that the PE was/is almost never in stock anywhere, which only magnifies my frustration.  


Do we know if the Kate and Val be handled similarly?



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