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Infinity Models Aichi D3A Val


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This is a Must-Buy for me - I have been longing for some more Japanese aircraft in 1/32.. Now bring on the Torpedo Bombers, B5.. B7..as well!


Did anyone notice that they are also working on a 1/32 Bristol Beaufighter? - Or is that old news?

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On 4/29/2020 at 8:45 AM, Rick Griewski said:

Are there VAL or a Kate aircraft leftover from the war to measure?  Plenty of Zeros remain to support an accurate kit. Zero is known Favorite around the world

Yes, Rick. There are a few still around. The B5N Kate at the Pacific War Museum is about 80 percent complete. It will be restored to full static using as much of the original material as possible. 

There are the 2 Vals in Fredericksburg, which it is said there is enough material there for a full airframe, but currently there appear to no plans for restoration of either. Planes of Fame’s airplane is a D3A2 that was restored by Robert Dietmart of Canada in the late 60’s. That airplane was cut apart by locals he hired for easier shipping back to his airfield in Canada. He “restored” the airplane, very shoddily, installing an R-2600 engine and cowing from a B-25. Planes of Fame wants to restore it to airworthy condition, but it appears to be stalled at the moment…..


And there are quite a few wrecks being recovered from Balalae in the Solomon Islands, including 2 and 1/2 Bettys, atleast 3 Vals, a couple of Zeros, and possibly a couple of Kate relics. A couple will be restored and returned to the government for display. But the exact counts and what are still not known. Some great photos here-






Thor    :ph34r:

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  • Jan_G changed the title to Infinity Models Aichi D3A Val

Sprues look good but the true test will be how it fits together.  That’s what I’m waiting to see….  If it’s like their Helldiver, I’ll pass and hope that Hasegawa will eventually get around to doing one, slim though it may be.

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15 minutes ago, LSP_Mike said:

This might be a kit to get, and not pass on.


Not if it doesn't fit; I, for one and I can only speak for myself, don't have enough patience for ill fitting parts.  Rather than throw it in the bin after becoming infuriated at the poor fit, I'll just pass and save both money and aggravation.  If I never get one from Hasegawa, that'll be ok; I just won't have a D3 on my shelf.

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I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks and how it goes together, and that goes for Infinity’s new Vampire, too. I hope that Infinity has improved the shapes and dimensions of the power plant and cowl over an early mock-up they showed. It looked a little underfed, to me. I’m eager to see what experts make of the kit.





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