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1998 Shelf of Doom Rescue (1/48 Hasegawa Bf109F)

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Ok, next up, a little cautionary tale. The plan was to add some dot filtering, using Abteilung 502 oil paint. The top two colors on the wing are Mr. Hobby Aqueous RLM 74 and RLM 75 (new formulation). This is the first time I have airbrushed this paint and should have tested how compatible it is with oils. I wrongly assumed that I would not have to spray a protective clear coat at this point but turns out, ya do. Interestingly, the AK Odorless thinner I used to blend/create filters/remove excess oil paint, did not affect the base color one bit. The oils however, ate into the Aqueous RLM 75 and left little etch marks where the oil paint sat on the wing and tail. I was able to wipe away the oil paint with a brush and the odorless thinner just fine but the result required me to sand out the etched in marks left by the oil paint and respray the RLM 75 areas I wanted to weather.


It all ended up good, I was planning to add more RLM 74 and 75 to the wing tips anyway, after bringing up the yellow on the bottom of the wing tips to far. The Mr. Hobby paint sanded well and out came the airbrush for some corrective touch ups.


I did not take any pictures of the damaged paint but below are shots of the dot filter placement. Wherever I put oil paint on the model and let it sit, I had to sand and respray.








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