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1/35 Kitty Hawk PaveHawk


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So I had been waiting on the kit and soon as it came in I have began working on it. All was going well with the build until I saw the work Pete had done to the ceiling and I was inspired. So I started butting mine and began cutting and filing away. Ceiling is about to the point of primer coat, just a little more sanding left. 
       Originally I was breezing through the kit and it just wasn’t feeling “right” to me and while to cabin door area was nice, it wasn’t as grand in the flight engineer seat area. Debating how to recreate current Pave Hawk seats.(last image)


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1 hour ago, markiii said:

Well alright, two Pave Hawk builds to follow. I want to dig into mine, but will have to wait. Just ordered some stuff from Live Resin and have WW's decals ready to go. 

I'll be following.

cant wait to follow your build as well. Better keep some photos coming when you start. I’m excited to see the build progress

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Cabin floor and cockpit work progress. Debating how to add the removable armor floor panels. Experimenting with the dry brush technique to add wear to cockpit floor and door openings to show some serious wear and tear associated with operations on the bird. 

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Sorry for the delay gang. Been a minute since an update. So I am still tinkering away at the build as I wrapped up the retirement build. Then decided to play chicken with a hydraulic machine and lost. Here are some update pics. More progress on the cabin ceiling and the cabin floor. 

    For those debating attempting what I did, if you enjoy modeling, I don’t advise it. Luckily fingers are beginning to start working again and just the tip of my ring finger is still in rough shape. 









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34 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

OOOOOOUCH!!   That looks incredibly painful just looking at the X-ray!    Looking good on the Hawk, and hopefully things will improve enough to get it knocked out.   

It smarted. This build is one I am enjoying. Most of the down time I spend doing research on what I can do to make it look better. Wanting to recast some more resin FE seats that are the current generation type (sliders not hanging) and then scale them down to this kit. But thank you for the kind words. I appreciate that and happy holidays to you.

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