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UH-1 Huey 1/24 Monogram


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After Grumman F3F-3 it's time for another shelf queen - but not airplane.

Another oldie but again, this kit surprisingly aged as well as F3F (or better)...

Monogram 1/24 Huey is also a big one. There are some signs of aged forms but easy to remove. So let's start...


This thing is a must-have in Vietnam Huey :D



I've removed molded-on seatbelts and made a new ones from aluminium foil and spare buckles. Seat cushions are made of Mr.Surfacer stubbed with stiff brush.


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Some work today...


Surfboard after decals. Little tribute to lt Kilgore hat :)




New troop seat mad with styrene profiles, toothpicks and yoghurt foil :) Seatbels also made of aluminium foil and spare 1/24 buckles.



Instrument panel. I've cut out larger instruments from decal, placed them on styrene squares and glued to kit part. Not best but better than flat decal.



Instrument panel from behind. I wasn't sure if it can be seen trough front down glasses but...well...just in case :)



Exhaust pipe was empty. I've done sth simmilar to what I saw on walkaround photos.






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Fighting with flash on almost every rotor part :D Funny thing-I was thinking for few hours how to seal a gap between floor and fuselage in troop compartment. When I was checking ceiling and saw the same gap I started to think more intensively  :) Well , if I'll seal these gaps then I won't be able to open doors because this gap is door rail :)


To be serious...it looks awful and maybe I'll be able to make it shallower...


Today I found wire net so I removed kit part and used it in vents in fuselage.




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