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KH Mirage 2000 [Renaissance Rflight]

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Hi all,


Here is a topic about my 3D job on KH Mirage 2000c, to modify into 2000-5.

I started it about one month ago, and it will take a time, as I'm not working anymore, because of diabesis & burnout.

In fact , I try to keep my mind by improving skills into 3D softwares.


Oh, please, my apologies about my English. Too much time since school...


So I began by measuring and copying the KH cockpit, then printed a basic sample on Anycubic Photon printer.

This one was printed by a friend on Elegoo Mars, as my Photon was out of service after two months. Chinese people sent a new motherboard to me, I now own a Photon S!



As you could see, I was not that bad to fit the kit!

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Your English is fine Etienne, great to see work on a cockpit for the kit, do you have plans to produce a cockpit for the D, and any other products for the Mirage 2000 kits?

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When I was waiting for my new Photon motherboard, I began to draw dashboard cover.

At first, I made it copying KH measurements.





Then some people on french forum Master194 told me that the shape was not that right...

So I modified


And more...


And more...



Now, final design is ready to print




But I still have problems with the printer!

Wait & see, I now draw again the cockpit frame, a loooong job!

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Hi All,


Waiting for a good print of the dashboard cover (printer is going again its way off!), I come back to cockpit frame.


As first sample was all right to fit model, I'll just post pics of my screen, about drawing in progress.


Still a lot to do!

Right board is on way because I need it to verify sizes of the whole stuff, also to get markers to create the floor frame.

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I hope so...


Something also keeping me late is the new 1/32rd Eduard Bf 108. We had a lot in France made by SNCAN, known as Nord 1000, 1001 & 1002.

And I have 1:1 blueprints from SNCAN for the engine coil to modify...


Will post a subject when I'll have something to show. If interest.

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