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More New L/G Products from S.O.W.

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Synthetic Ordnance Works now has 5 new landing gear products available for purchase.




Grumman TBF-1C/TBM-3  "Avenger" 

MLGS 1007      $18.95

For Trumpeter Kit



Douglas SBD -1/2/3/5  "Dauntless"

MLGS 1008    $18.95

For Trumpeter Kit




North American Aviation P-51D  "Mustang"

MLGS 1009  $17.95

For Revell Kit




Nakajima Ki-84  "Hayate"

MLGS 1010  $17.95

For Hasegawa Kit





Above is the complex interior stainless steel tubing and music wire structure needed to add necessary support for the very thin nose gear leg.


Kyushu J7W1  "Shinden"

MLGS 1011  $22.95

For Zoukei-Mura Kit


To place an order pleas PM me with the following information:


  1. The item number and the number of each set you would like to order
  2. If you do not live in the U.S. please include the country in which you live.
  3. The email address you use for Paypal.
  4. When this information is provided Paypal will invoice you.
  5. Upon receipt of payment your order will be shipped to you via USPS First Class Mail.
  6. USPS Priority Mail is available at additional cost - prior approval from customer is required to avoid "sticker shock".
  7. If postage is deemed excessive by out of U.S. customers and you wish to cancel the order, please notify us at your earliest convenience.


Shipping to U.S. Addresses:

1 to 4 sets              $5.00  

5 or more sets       $6.00      

Shipping to non-U.S. address:

Shipped at cost.


Planned Future Releases:




  1. PCM Macchi C.205  "Veltro"
  2. Trumpeter P-38 "Lightning"
  3. Revell Spitfire Mk I/II
  4. Hobby Boss B-24  "Liberator"
  5. Hasegawa P-40 "Warhawk"
  6. Revell Ju 88A-1/4
  7. Revell Heinkel He 219 "Uhu"



  1. Revell Me 262 "Schwalbe"
  2. Revell He 162 "Volksjaeger"
  3. Hasegawa A-4  "Skyhawk"
  4. Trumpeter A-4  "Skyhawk
  5. Kinetic/Italieri F-86F "Sabre"
  6. Academy F-18 "Hornet"(?)
  7. Trumpeter Su-27 (?)
  8. Tamiya F-15 "Eagle" (?)
  9. Trumpeter F-18 "Super Hornet"(?)
  10. Revel/Italeri Mirage III.O (?)


Please make suggestions on what you would like to see. If you want something from a kit we don't have, perhaps consider donating parts in exchange for our product for your donation.


Please Note:

Synthetic Ordnance Works is a one-man operation dealing with labor intensive products. Please have patience when an item is out of stock. It will be refilled as quickly as possible.


MLGS products 1001-1006 still available. Check here for descriptions:



Thanks for stopping by.



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1 hour ago, Troy Molitor said:

The Shinden nose gear looks like a PIA to make.  Brilliant looking gear sets Damian.  




Oh yes, reject rate is way too high. Lots of parts to line up perfectly.  Engineering the C.205 gear is having some of the same challenges.








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Ooooo these look good!! ..,


I'll be up for the Academy F/A-18's and the A-4 ... maybe even the Ju.88 ...

Pity you're not doing the Trumpeter F/A-18 F and G ... those kits need a little AM TLC. ... Or the Revel/Italeri Mirage III.O


Rog :)

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Glad you've got the Trumpeter Su-27 on the to do list. I'll hold off on my Academy Hornet and Tamiya F-15's  too. And as Rog says, the Trumpeter Super Hornets would be a bonus addition. For some reason I hate working with the metal pars these kits offer.

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4 hours ago, nmayhew said:


has the P-47 gear for the Trumpeter kit dropped off the radar?



Hi Nick


It's still on the scope. I'm preparing the T. and H. P-47 gear at the same time, will test mold this weekend.


As an update, goals for this weekend:


P-47 H&T test molds

Macchi 205 test molds

Rev 262 test molds

T. P-38 test molds

R. Spitfire I/II test molds


News of results next week.





PS  I have enough SS material to do most of the above, however, I'm waiting on a shipment from my supplier for the sizes I don't have in stock.


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